Things to Do in September

Think back to when you were in Kindergarten. What did you learn? Probably things like tying your shoe, memorizing your address, recognizing your name and writing it…Today, though, it’s so different. Children are expected to know more before they start school. They should already have an understanding of letter sounds and symbols. It shows how much our society is advancing. However, it may mean a little more work for you as a parent, and that’s where we, the public library, can help you! You don’t have to be a teacher or professor of reading to help get your child ready to read…it comes down to the basics of being a child: playing, singing, writing, reading, and talking.

Click the picture below to see a short slideshow on how we use them to help you get your child ready to read.

Each month we will post a special calendar of things to do with your child throughout the month. These activities are based on the early literacy skills and basic practices. Make sure to print a copy and keep it handy!!

You can download the calendar here: September_Things_to_Do


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