Homemade Monday on a Thursday

I’m going to start a weekly post called “Homemade Monday” with literacy activities you can make at home. We are currently doing a program at the Main Library (and several branches) to show parents fun and easy ways to make reading fun at home. So this week (even though it is technically Thursday), I wanted to show you some of the fun activities planned for this evening. I’ve added credit where and when appropriate.

Cardboard Tube Letter Matching

Supplies Needed: Marker, Circle stickers, toilet paper or paper towel tubes.
Instructions: Write a random assortment of letters (capital and/or lower case), numbers (actual number, words, or dots), or even shapes on the tubes. Then write the matching letters, numbers, or shapes on the stickers. When you are ready, just place the stickers over the corresponding item on the tube. Thanks to Testy Yet Trying for this neat and very inexpensive idea!!



Spoon Matching

This fun matching game requires 26 white spoons and 26 clear spoons. You can use stickers for the letters or just use a Sharpie to write the letters on each spoon. You’ll want to do one set with capital letters and one set with lower case. You could also use one set of spoons for letters and one set for stickers or small pictures of objects that start with the different letters of the alphabet turning this game into a sound matching game! Thanks to From Kindergarten with Love.


Alphabet BookCreate your own alphabet book! Use stickers or draw each letter large on each page of your book. Cut out letters from different sources: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc.<br />By using different fonts and letter styles, children begin to recognize the many ways one letter can look!


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