Family Literacy: More than reading a book

Family Literacy is more than just reading a book together. According to, it’s the way families incorporate literacy skills into their every day lives. It’s reading the street signs on a walk or drive to the store; it’s reading the cereal boxes at the grocery store; it’s reading the words in a recipe as you are making dinner.


The idea of family literacy goes back to last week’s blog post about children who hear at least 30,000 words a day have a greater rate of success by the time they reach 3rd Grade than those students who heard less words. Family Literacy involves singing, talking, reading, writing, and playing–activities we strive to model during our storytimes and children’s programs at the Stark County District Libraries.

Family Literacy involves turning off the electronics–putting away the smartphones, turning off the television–and working as a family to model what reading is. Children who see their parents and family members read are more likely to pick up a book themselves if it’s what everyone else is doing.

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