Three Great iPad Apps for Children

There are so many great educational apps out there for children to use, but there are also many not-so-great educational apps out there for children to use. So I spent the last week, testing app after app trying to find the best ones for you and your child. I’ve narrowed it down to my top three favorites; however, they are just that–my top three favorites. I’m hoping you’ll help test out these apps and let me know what you like and what you didn’t like.

play1231. Play 123 by CJ Educations
Ages: 3 to 5
Cost: Free!
Purpose: Teaches shapes, colors, and numbers. Allows children to PLAY by matching and spinning colors and shapes, STUDY by understanding the basic shapes, colors, and numbers, and THINK through activities that help develop creativity and imagination. The simple music in the background helps keep children focused as a narrator explains what to do. Children can draw shapes, build towers and othe ojects with shapes, build and break walls, mix colors, break down walls to create more shapes and more through 10 different games.

Learn-with-Homer-Logo2. Learn with Homer by Homer
Ages: 3 to 5
Cost: FREE! (with ability to make in-app purchases for more games)
Purpose: Teaches early reading. Children can hear stories and poems or read themselves, play alphabet games that test their knowledge of letter sounds and shapes, discover a world of non-fiction through stories about animals, and use their imagination through drawing and recording sounds. Parents can create an account to gain access to tracking tools, printable activities and crafts, and their children’s drawing and recordings. There are many free things to do in this game. Purchasing packages gives more access, but it is not necessary.

1333-1-feel-electric!3. Feel Electric by Sesame Street
Ages: 5 and up
Cost: Free!
Purpose: Teaches children feeling and emotions. This game teaches chidlren the meaning of words like surprised, stressed, annoyed, happy, ecstatic, and thrilled. Through different games, children can match emotion words to pictures that depict that feeling or write stories by choosing certain words (think MadLibs). There are six different ways to play but even more options once you choose a game. Created by Sesame Street, it’s an extension of the Electric Company.

So try them out. Let me know what you think. I’ll continue to post updates when I find more free apps for your child to use, so stay tuned!


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