Homemade Monday: Eyes on Words

wiggle wandHere is a fun craft to help children concentrate on one word at a time as they read. It is so easy to get distracted when we read. There are other toys to play with. There are other books to read. There may be other people in the room. Even the wallpaper can be distracting. Those are bad things. It just means we have to work a little harder to focus on the task at hand. And today, that is reading and pointing to the words as we read. Thanks to this blog, I found a cute way to help make this a little easier: the Googley Eyed Pointers.

To make you just need a jumbo craft stick, glue, and googley eyes. I recommend either using craft glue or a glue gun (if using a glue gun, I don’t recommend your child making this one). Glue the eyes on–they can be the same sized eyes, different sized, one, two or even three!

wiggle wand 2Pointing to words helps us focus on what we are reading, not what we are going to read. Pointing to words helps us focus on the letters and sounds in the word we are currently reading. It is especially helpful for children who are beginning readers. And while using your finger is just as good as using a Googly-Eyed Pointer, it’s not nearly as fun!

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