Homemade Monday: This is Not a Box

How many times have you purchased an expensive new toy for your child only to find them playing with the box  with great enthusiasm leaving the new toy tossed to the side? Why do they do that? What is it about that box that makes it so much more fascinating than the fancy new toy? I think I may have found the answer:

this-is-not-a-boxGraphic Source: http://www.somethingofthatilk.com/

While the toy is really just a toy (unless it’s a set of blocks or Legos or something that could serve more than one purpose), the box is so much more than just a box. It can be a car at the “drive-in” movie theater (your living room); it can be a Jeep on Safari; it can be a secret clubhouse; it can be a super special reading nook. Remember, the simpler the toy the more complex the learning; the more complex the toy, the simpler the learning.

So don’t throw away those boxes from Christmas just yet! Here are a sixty other ideas for cardboard boxes in all sizes from Red Ted Art; just click HERE!

Don’t forget to stop by the library and pick up a book about the fun in a cardboard box.



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