Reading eBooks with Children

Electronic books (or eBooks) are increasing in popularity with every age group. The Stark County District Library has expanded its own collection to include a Digital Reading Room for children. However, reading eBooks does make the experience of reading with your child just a little different than reading a paper version of the book.


The very nature of a tablet or eReader with its touch screen, colorful display, games, and sounds make it a very appealing object for younger readers. You’ll want to keep in mind a few things as you begin reading eBooks together:

Don’t stress too much the first time you try to read together on the eReader or tablet and very little reading actually gets down. Explore the different features of the book, app or site you are viewing together. This “newness” will eventually wear off and children will be more focused on the book.

Don’t forget about the story! Take your time to enjoy the different features, but remember the reason you downloaded the book in the first place.

Don’t let the eReader or tablet become a babysitter. Enjoy the experience together!

For more information, check out this article by Reading Rockets:

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