Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Raise your hand if you have more than five stuffed animals in your house. Raise both hands if you have more than 10 stuffed animals in your house. Raise both hands and both feet if you are reading this while buried under a pile of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Today, we are going to share some ways to use those teddy bears and bring them to life!


One of my favorite stories is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen. There are so many options for telling this story. You could read it directly from the book, but here are some more exciting ways to tell this story:

  • Add hand motions to the story.
    • If you are waiting for a meal to finish cooking or you have a few minutes and need to occupy the attention of your child, act out the story using the motions as presented by Michael Rosen.
  • Hide your child’s teddy bears in one spot in the house. Tell them you are going on a bear hunt. Bring the story to life as you make  your way through your house or backyard chanting the rhymes of the story. Let your child make up things that he or she “sees” along the way.
  • Let your child retell the story in his or her own way.

After you read a selection of books about bears, have a teddy bear tea party picnic. Set out a blanket on the floor in your house. Let your child set out dishes and cups. Serve small cookies like Teddy Grams and juice. Make sure the serve the teddy bears something.

Lastly, here is another of my favorite teddy bear story is Cordoruy by Don Freeman. As a preschool teacher, this was one of my favorite books to read with my class. Normally, I don’t promote watching movies on this blog, but in the 1980s they made this book into a movie. After you read the book to your child, it’s worth watching. Cordoruy actually comes to life in the movie–make sure you are watching your child’s face at this point.


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