Whisper Phones

Here’s an inexpensive way to make reading aloud more fun:



Oh wait…*quiet voice*…whisper phones.

Whisper phones have been used by teachers in the classroom setting for a while now, but there’s no reason you can’t make your own for your children to use at home.

Simply take two PVC pipe elbows and connect them to a straight PVC pipe about 5 inches long or so. You can add decorative duct tape or stickers to the pipe to make it more festive.

Use them just like any phone, except you’ll want to have your children whisper into the phone as they are reading aloud from their favorite book. It will carry sound quite well, so you’ll want to make sure they whisper.

The purpose of these whisper phones is to let children hear themselves as they read aloud. This helps enhance fluency (the ability to read accurately, quickly, and with expression). This is also a great activity for children who might find reading boring. They can “call” their favorite person and pretend to read to them over the phone.

If you visit our Laugh, Play, Read: Heroes programs this summer, your children will be able to test these out!

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