The Dyslexic Font…

If you’ve been reading the internet news lately, or looked at what’s trending on Facebook, you may have seen this poster by Daniel Britton, a dyslexic graphic designer:

Daniel Britton, 26, has created posters to raise awareness to dyslexia which simulate the experience of reading with the condition

The poster is intended to help people understand what it’s like to read when a person is dyslexic. Britton was diagnosed as dyslexic about seven years ago when he was 18 years old. He said the poster he created simulates the frustration he feels when he trying to read. It’s not what a dyslexic person sees on the page, only what he or she might feel.

Another textbook that came out a couple of years ago is designed to do the same thing.

According to one article, one in ten people is dyslexic and affects more than 700 million children and adults worldwide.

If you know someone who struggles with dyslexia, here is a tip sheet from Dyslexia International that helps answer some questions like how do teachers help struggling students, what can be done to help dyslexic readers, etc.

For more information, you can visit our website for books related to the subject.


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