Book Review: Birdie’s Big Hair

Today’s blog was written by one of our very own children’s storytellers: Miss Sharifa. You’ll find Miss Sharifa sharing stories with children of all ages as well as creating wonderful children’s programs. She shares her review of the picture book Birdie’s Big Hair by Sujean Rim.

birdies big hairBirdie’s Big Hair is one of my favorite books. Birdie wakes up one day and her hair has become unruly so her mom tells her she’s going to take her to the hair salon. So we follow the excitement of Birdie going to the hair salon with her mother. The book shows Birdie’s imagination as she daydreams of what her hair will look like once she goes to the hair salon with her mother.

The book has interesting pictures showcasing different patterns of fabric swatches on Birdie’s and other character’s clothes. This book is fun and lighthearted. The story will make you smile as you follow Birdie through her hair journey to find a new hair style. This is a great book for children that love to get their hair done.

Be sure to checkout this book at your local library, and let your librarian know how you liked it!

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