A Book and a Craft: Extending the Reading

Remember this post from two years ago? In case you missed it, we discussed a few activities you can do with your children after you finish sharing a book together…activities that help bring the book to life. Today, I wanted to share a few activities with you that come from some of our children’s librarians.

  • My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael HallIMG_6502
    • Create animals using various paper heart sizes. Use fun-themed paper or plain construction paper and decorate with other supplies you already have.


  • Press Here by Herve Tullet
    • This one is tons of fun but simple to do and only requires two items: paper and BINGO daubers. Use the daubers to make dots on the paper.
  • Any books on bubbles or baths
    • Use bubble wrap to paint a picture. Have your child brush paint on the bubble wrap, and then press a blank sheet of paper on top of the bubble wrap. Squish it around to make beautiful designs.
  • Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner
    • Make snowmen out of doilies layered in large circle shapes.
  • Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma DoddIMG_6503
    • Draw circles in different colors on a blank piece of paper. Let your child paint inside the circles with matching watercolor paint. No watercolor available? Take old washable markers and set them in shallow cups of water for a little while. The color will bleed into the water and revive the old markers. Your child can then use the markers to color in the circles. One important note: let your child match the colors.

The most important part of extending a book beyond the pages is just to have fun. You don’t need a huge number of supplies, and you don’t need to make it a big project. Don’t forget to stop in to your local Stark County District Library location and tell your children’s staff what your favorite activity was!

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