Homemade Mondays: Story in a Basket

Looking for a fun way to bring a favorite story to life without spending tons of money? Try a Story in a Basket. This is a great activity that helps reinforce sequencing and comprehension skills.


Start by choosing your child’s favorite story. Next, look through the story and make a list of the main characters and objects you will need to tell the story without the book. Then, look around your house for a big bowl, basket, or box to keep all of the items. Once you have a basket, you and your child can make a game of hunting around your house for the items on your list. If you are in need of something, check your local library for a list of puppets or toys you can borrow and use in your basket.

IMG_6752You’ll see in my basket for Jack and the Beanstalk, I had to think outside the box as I sorted through our many puppets and items in the library. For the Giant, I used the Count. For the Giant’s house, I found an unused takeout container from a local restaurant. We didn’t have a harp, so instead I used some bells from our instrument box.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect representation of the story. It just needs to help your child tell the story and bring the words to life.


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