Book Review: Booked by Kwame Alexander

Today’s blog was written by one of our very own children’s storytellers: Miss Elizabeth. You’ll find Miss Elizabeth sharing stories with children of all ages as well as creating wonderful children’s programs at one of our branches. She shares her review of the book Booked by Kwame Alexander for tweens.

Image result for booked by kwame alexanderNewbery Medal Winner Kwame Alexander brings home the gold with another brilliant piece for tweens.  Booked is written in verse, making it a quick read and perfect for reluctant readers. 

Eighth grader Nick eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer, but his family and teachers want him to broaden his horizons.  His father insists Nick expand his vocabulary to better educate himself, and forces Nick to study the dictionary.  The school librarian, lovingly nicknamed The Mac, encourages Nick to join Book Club.  Nick complies and even learns to enjoy reading, vocabulary, and linguistics, but soccer is still his passion. 

Booked provides smooth, flowing verse, the topic of sports to peak one’s interest, and even vocabulary words are thrown into the mix!



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