But that won’t work for my child…

“My child doesn’t like to sit still.”

“My infant likes to put things in their mouth.”

“That won’t work. My child can’t focus.”

“My child doesn’t like to read.”

“My seven-year-old doesn’t like to talk to me.”

These are the challenges I face every time I speak with parents about literacy and reading together. So today’s we are going to focus on what to do in these situations.

mad reader

I would like to preface this by saying I am in no way an expert on parenting or child development. The information I am sharing is based on experiences I have had and/or tips I have learned from experts in the field.

  1. Every child is different. Each child learns different. Each child likes different things. Each child has his/her own way of doing things. This is what makes working with children challenging, but it is also what makes working with children fun.
  2. There is no specific trick or tip that will work for every child. Remember the first rule: every child is different. And because of this, some things work better with one child than they do they other.
  3. Start early. Talk to your child when he/she is a baby. Read to your child when he/she is young. Children will pick up on these habits at an early age. Reading will become part of their routine. Talking to you will become part of their every day routine.
  4. Try different things. Going back to rules one and two, sometimes you have to try multiple techniques to get them to open up or to find that one thing they enjoy.
  5. Most importantly, just have fun! Laugh together. Smile often. And don’t be afraid to be silly. It is during these moments you will find some of the best conversations will happen. Your child will feel comfortable and want to talk with you, read with you and learn with you.



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