Book Review: The Seventh Wish

Today’s blog was written by one of our very own children’s storytellers: Miss Elizabeth. You’ll find Miss Elizabeth sharing stories with children of all ages as well as creating wonderful children’s programs at one of our branches. She shares her review of the book The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner.

seventhwishHave you ever made a wish?

Some people may wish on a shooting star, while others are granted wishes from genies in bottles.  But what if you could make a wish on a fish?

In Kate Messner’s newest book, The Seventh Wish, seventh grader Charlie discovers a unique fish while out on the ice.  The fish offers to grant wishes so long as Charlie releases it back into the water.  While Charlie intends to use her wishes to help her friends and family, things don’t go according to plan.  Charlie soon learns it’s sometimes best to create your own outcomes instead of waiting for a fish wish to come to fruition.

Geared toward tweens, this story has some serious situations but weaves through the details thoughtfully