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Homemade Monday: Painting with Tape Resist

Last week we talked about bringing the snow indoors and painting it as an extension activity after reading books about the winter and snow. This week we continue our snowy day theme with tape resist painting.



  • White art board/canvas OR thick construction paper
  • Watercolor, fingerpaint, or washable paint
  • Masking tape OR blue painters’ tape
  • Glitter


1. Tape off the edges of the paper or canvas. Begin to create the tree using the tape. Tear the tape into skinny pieces to make the branches. Use tiny pieces of tape around the background of the canvas–this will eventually look like falling snow once the tape is removed.

2. Let your child paint all over the canvas. Let them paint on the tape, but make sure they paint all over the white paper or canvas. Talk to them about the colors mixing. Ask questions. Let  your child use his finger to add a red cardinal to one of the branches.

3. Sprinkle glitter on the wet paint.

4. Once the paint has dried slightly, begin to peel the tape off. Add lines across the white areas of the tree so it resembles a birch tree.

5. Talk about the winter scene and let your child make up a story about what is happening.